Nerds, aggregation, carrots, obsolete schtuff… AND THE BORG COLLECTIVE!?

I love reading the news online (politics, science, technology, etc.).

I could probably spend the entire day scouring the Internet for interesting things to read. Recently I’ve started looking for more websites/blogs about education. I especially love education news regarding reform and policy…


Aaanywaaay… I am going to start sharing some of the more interesting things I find (hopefully it won’t be too nerdtastic). Some of it will be specifically about music education and some will not. Enjoy!

Being new to the blogging world, I only discovered this site today. It has articles and bits of information from journals, blogs, Twitter all aggregated on one website. Quickly looking around, there seems to be some good stuff! Check it out!

Diane Ravitch’s Blog: ”The New York Times Editorial Is Clueless”

Diane continues her advocacy for public education arguing “carrots and sticks are for donkeys, not professionals.” She includes a link to a speech she gave advocating for public schools. Good read and good speech!

Mind Shift: “10 Things in School That Should Be Obsolete”

Some interesting ideas here! I wonder if some of the criticisms/concerns found in other parts of school might also apply to our music classrooms? And ding ding ding, “TEACHER-CENTERED CLASSROOM” makes the list. Secondary large ensembles can learn a thing or two from this!

Mind Shift: “Envisioning the Future of Education Technology”

“65% of today’s grade school kids will end up in jobs that haven’t been invented yet.” MindShift presents an interesting infographic describing the direction of future technology and its use in education.

Some of the conceptualized technology on that infographic… WOWZERS!

New technological tools are exciting!

Just as long as I am not assimilated into some sort of Borg collective… well, assimilation might be acceptable (I do tend to think my technological and biological distinctiveness might contribute positively to the collective) if Captain Janeway liberates me from the collective like she did with Seven of Nine Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01 (or 7 of 9, if you prefer).

That would be AWESOME.

Because at least The Doctor (who is hologram, btw) will be able to remove all of my Borg implants.

Janeway is my hero.

I love her…

Sorry, did I just geek out again?